Who are we?

تأسس الحموي إمتداداً لخبرات الاجداد في عمان عام ١٩٤٢ م بنيت سياستنا على الوضوح في العمل والمصداقية في التعامل بإتباع اعلى معايير الجودة بوجود فريق عمل مميز يقوم بخدمة العملاء وإننا على يقين بأن ارضاء العميل والتميز في خدمته وإعطاءه المزيد من الجودة هي اساس العمل الناجح

Our policy

Our policy is solely based on choosing only high end products and no other in all our branches to serve our customers the finest options, which stem from gained experiences, values and approaches.

Our management has adopted old experiences with modern, extraordinary adjustments to leave a special impact on whoever chooses us.

This comes as a result of the new practical lifestyle, which resorts to the old to build the new. Al hamawi reflects a complete image of consistent performance that is also unique and clear.

Our Goals

To remain the best in the market, to maintain our reputable trademark and to have an outstanding staff with excellent experience and first-class customer service.